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To receive Grant support from IPARD /TKDK on Techmech Freeze Dry Machines, the information of içs is as follows.

103-5 Processing and Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables 

In the fruit and vegetable sector; reduction of losses after harvest, development of cold storage and drying facilities capacities and ensuring compliance of enterprises with EU standards; elimination of waste products that pollute the stage.


  • The enterprise must meet the conditions stipulated by the Law No. 5957 on Trade in Vegetables and Fruits and Other Goods with a Sufficient Depth of Supply and Demand and amendments to this Law. (Only investments that make drying and/or freezing are excluded)
  • retici örg (recognized by the Cooperatives Law No. 1163, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Law No. 1581, Agricultural retici Unions Law No. 5200, Agricultural Sales Cooperatives and Unions Law No. 4572) must comply with the definitions given in Law No. 5957.
  • Investments, defined in Council Tüzüg October 1308/2013, Annex I, Böl IX ( ;fruit-vegetable list published in), storage, sorting, processing, drying, roasting, freezing and packaging of fruits and vegetables should be compatible with hüküm.
  • The total capacity of cold storage facilities should be no more than 10,000 m3. Applications made by türetici örg üts and türetici örg ün hâwho is a partner (partnership share is more than 50%) will not be subject to the içs st limit requirement.

Fruit and vegetable sector of at least 30,000 euros and 1,250,000 euros,
40-50% Grant
18% VAT Exempt (From the Total Amount of Eligible Expenses)
Tax-Exempt (from the Total Grant Received)

Improving the hygiene and quality of iün equipment in order to fully comply with EU standards,
Investments required to implement procedures based on the principles of HACCP,
Development of phase protection, reprocessing of recyclable wastes and intermediate waste equipment and facilities; investments in waste processing and elimination,

Decontamination of waste,
  • Service Purchases

Consultancy Service and Mühendislik Service purchases

  • Procurement of Construction Works

Construction, expansion, modernization of real estate, detailed in the List of Eligible Expenditures, are the eligible expenditures of this measure içs.

  • Machine Equipment Purchases

Purchases such as materials, machinery, equipment to be purchased detailed in the List of Eligible Expenditures, as well as purchases such as information technologies and special technological equipment, including software specified in the list of eligible expenditures, are eligible expenditures for this measure.

  • Cleaning, classification, sorting and packaging lines,
  • Marking and traceability systems,
  • Cold air facilities with modified atmosphere and packaging lines under modified atmospheric conditions,
  • Drying machines, equipment and packaging lines,
  • Construction and/or modernization of refrigeration and refrigeration qualities and cold storage facilities, drying, cleaning, classification, grading and packaging qualities,
  • Cold air facilities with modified atmosphere and packaging qualities under modified atmospheric conditions,
  • Raw materials and packaging içs warehouses,
  • ürün transport equipment,
  • Fruits and vegetables (Council TüzügüNo.October 1308/2013 Appendix I, Bölüm IX: List of Fruits and Vegetables.) freezing and drying içs purchase of machinery and equipment,
  • Hard-shelled fruits (Council TüzügüNo.October 1308/2013 Appendix I, Bölüm IX: List of fruits and vegetables.) drying and roasting içs purchase of machinery and equipment,
  • Refrigerated Decç and refrigeration equipment. 


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