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TM100 general-purpose freeze dryer equipment has a capacity of 100 kg of ice and 7.2 m2 of shelf area and can dry various biological, pharmaceutical, nutritional and general food products.


Tm100 Properties:

External Dimensions Length 1500 mm * Width 1200 Mm * Height 1800 mm (AISI 304 S / S)
Boiler Dimensions Diameter 1000 mm, Length 1200 mm
Steam Condenser Capacity 100 kg In 24 Hours
Shelf Unit Consists Of 10 Rows Of Shelves
Available Shelf Area (M2) 7.2 m2
Ice Capacity (kg) 100 kg
Ice Capacity (kg) 7 * 620mm, 1 *550mm, 1 * 480mm
Shelf Interval (mm) 35 mm
Shelf Temperature -20oc To + 70oc

Low Temperature Model: Shelf Freezing Temperature Up To -35 ° C And Steam Condenser Up To -55 ° C

Shelf Cooling Speed ​(+40 C To -20C) (Min)  ≤60
Self-Heating Speed (C / Min) (Approximately) 1
Product Cassettes S / S 2B Finish - 18 Per Set (2 Sets Supplied)
Energy Consumption (Based On 80 kg Ice For 24 Hours) 2 kwh / kg Of Wet Product 2.2 kwh / kg Of Wet Product If Air Cool Condenser Is Used
Heating / Cooling Device Resistance
Power Requirement Three Phases, 12kw, 50 Or 60 Hz
Weight (Empty) 1200 kg (Approximately)
Tech Mech company is the leader brand in Turkey in the field of manufacturing dry freezing equipment. Tech Mech company has led the innovative new concepts for use in the drying by freezing process. Tech Mech with its advanced engineering studies and the Freeze Dry System it developed in Turkey have become popular in many fields: food drying, fruit and vegetable production, museum protection and document recovery, food preservation and biology…
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